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Excited New owner of 2021 Passport EX-L

United States
What I Drive
2021 Honda Passport EX-L
Hello Everyone,

New here & a proud new owner of 2021 Honda Passport EX-L AWD !!!

Purchased used from with some burn damage, so that I can fix it up and enjoy an almost brand new car for years to come. Comes to our family with 25K miles. Had been a loyal Honda owner all my life, but this a first time I have undertaken such a "project". Basically the car sustained damage (external to the car) just something was burning next to it, and pretty much all or most of the plastic parts that are on right (passenger) side are melted or deteriorated, planning to replace most of them. Don't exactly know what happened, but there is absolutely no damage to the "metal/paint" , no structural damage and no major mechanical damage. And most of the repairs I can do myself, although I don't have any space in our garage, and working on plastic parts in the middle of winter in Chicago area is not optimal =)